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Kent's Homestyle Bakery

Our bakery is the best around! You'll never find frozen dough here... everything we make is made from scratch! Bread, rolls, cookies, cakes... you name it!

If you ask a Kent's shopper what their favorite thing is about our store, chances are they will say something about our amazing bakery!

Our always-fresh, made-from-scratch creations are what set us apart. We never use frozen dough. Our bakers are the first ones in the store in the morning, starting on breads, cakes, and our world famous apple fritters. The smell alone is enough to put a smile on your face.

Looking for something custom, including photo cakes? Our bakery can do that. In fact, they can do just about anything from wedding cakes to holiday specific cookies and cupcakes.

Go for the delicious and healthy option... go for Kent's Bakery!

Fritter Friday

Cokies Donut Holes

Brownie Tray Brownies

Cupcakes Donuts

Wedding Cakes

Did you know that Kent's does Wedding Cakes? We have some of the most talented bakers and cake artists in Utah and we can help make your wedding truly special by creating you a beautiful and decadent cake! Stop by our bakery and speak with one of our professionals!

  • Layered and Tiered Cakes
  • Brides Cakes
  • Grooms Cakes
  • Themed
  • Traditional Stack Wedding Cake
  • Fondant and Traditional Icing Cakes
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Photo Cakes

We also offer photo cakes. Call our bakery to get started.

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